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Taller 50 Art Studio - Stone and Wood Carving

Taller 50 Art Studio was born from an extensive family tradition of Chilean artisans, which takes place in the artisan's village of Los Dominicos. It began more than 30 years ago, specializing in the manufacture of carved and sculpted pieces by hand in various types of wood, among which are the raulí and coigüe.

Miguel Ángel Cabrera

Miguel Ángel Cabrera, son of a craftsman, has perfected his woodcarving trade for over 38 years, achieving a refined technique that has led him to carry out work for prestigious institutions and individuals. After showing an early interest in the arts since childhood and after his adolescence in the 80's, he joined the National School of Craftsmen, choosing the speciality of stone carving. After five years and having achieved mastery of the technique, he opts to continue exploring the benefits of wood, a material that he undoubtedly learned to work, thanks to the teachings of his father Oscar Cabrera Gavilán.

Miguel Ángel Cabrera

Oscar Cabrera Gavilán, Chilean master carver and cabinetmaker, has left a prolific artistic legacy in his children and grandchildren, who keep alive the ancient tradition of handcrafting on fine woods, inspired mainly by the Spanish Baroque. His sons, Miguel, Luis, Oscar and Jorge masterfully recreate all types of carvings such as classic heraldic ornamentation, stylish furniture and religious imagery.
With a refined technique and speed in the use of gouges, Oscar Cabrera drew with each tool. On the raw block of wood he only sketched the basic lines of the shape, leaving each detail reserved for working with the tool.
The legacy and perfected technique of Oscar Cabrera does not only includes the art of wood carving but also a refined work of cabinetmaking and classic furniture design. This knowledge has been transmitted to a third family generation and has its main exponent in his grandson Antonio Hernández Cabrera, whose mastery and talent with fine wood, combine functionality with the highest quality and make each piece of cabinetmaking a work of fine art.
Antonio Hernández Cabrera has been involved in the development of countless works in wood, both for stylish furniture and sculptures. His contribution in the area of cabinetmaking and carpentry, has increasing the quality level of the team of Taller 50 Art Studio, prioritizing detailed and perfectionist work, which for Miguel Ángel Cabrera is key.
The harmony between art and functionality is what characterizes the work and the legacy of Cabrera, who for almost 40 years has continued to shape and furrow every vein of wood, to turn them into sublime pieces of an art of which there are very few left in the world.

Oscar Cabrera Gavilán "San Daniel en la cueva de los leones" (Proceso de talla)

Oscar Cabrera Gavilán "Saint Daniel in the Cave of the Lions"

Miguel Ángel Cabrera is an admirer of Spanish Baroque artists such as Martínez Montañés and Gregorio Fernández, among others. In this sense, Miguel points out that "in many figures of the Colonial Imagery and Baroque, there was a tendency to cover the carved form in wood with polychrome, that did not allow the grain to be seen. Our work tries to rescue precisely the value of the wood itself".
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